About us

Alpine Extreme is an online mountaineering equipment shop founded in 2008 by Alan Perryman with the vision of creating an online community of climbers and mountaineers to bridge the gap between novice and professional climbers.

We are a community of climbers and mountaineers and we want to help everyone reach their mountaineering goals. This is our ultimate goal so we don’t leave you hanging after the sale. Alpine Extreme offers an unlimited return policy on all orders. We're so determined for you to have a great experience in the mountains that we'll pay your return shipping cost* if you’re not completely happy with your gear.

We're always listening; we want to know your thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or send an email. We can talk gear all day. We’ll listen to your suggestions and answer any questions you have any time.

*Free return shipping is only available on orders within the United States.