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Atlas Snowshoes New Wrap Helix Bindings

Atlas is releasing their new BOA powered bindings on a few of their top-line snowshoes this year. What makes the Wrap Helix great is that it builds on their already revolutionary Wrap Lux design with EVA padding for a more uniform compression around the toe of the shoe.

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Avoid these 9 Newbie Mountaineering Mistakes

Mountaineering rules and etiquette are often forgotten or not given due consideration. Not paying attention to them can place you in danger, put other people out or spoil the beauty and health of the natural environment. If you plan to go mountaineering, being mindful of such considerations can make your trip more successful and less damaging.

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What Makes a Mountaineering Backpack Unique?

The first of the Big 3 (Backpack, Sleeping Bag, and Tent), the mountaineering pack holds everything together and can make or break your send. Mountaineering is a very diverse sport. It can involve backpacking, climbing and even skiing all on the same rout. Trip lengths can vary from a single day to more than a month.  For this you need a pack that brings together the best of everything. A mountaineering pack has a minimal suspension system.  By eliminating bulky frames the pack sits closer to your body and improves balance by lowering your profile for tricky climbing maneuvers. The hip belt and internal framesheet are removable on mountaineering packs to eliminate more weight if needed. Also, by making the...

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Take Your Mountaineering to the Next Level

So you’ve bagged your first peak, or maybe two or three. You found a few summits with nice trails to the top and took in the glory of becoming a mountaineer once and for all. Now it’s time to consider your ultimate goals as a mountaineer. Do you mostly enjoy nice walks through nature to the top of a mountain with breathtaking views with an essence of solitude and silence? Then keep doing what you’re doing. There is a lifetime worth of mountains out there that fit this description so you’ll never get board. But if you have ambitious visions of standing atop the world highest peaks, discovering new routes, and becoming a mountaineering legend then it’s time to take the...

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Trail Running for Mountaineering

Trail running is nothing new, people have been doing it for many years, but until recently it has been considered a fringe sport. In the past few years trail running has become much more mainstream as has mountaineering. With flocks of people rushing to the mountains to admire the overpowering mountain peaks and dream of one day standing atop them all, the question often arises; how do I become a mountaineer. As with any sport, to become one of the experts you see in magazines and movies takes many years of hard work, dedication, and risk. You probably don’t realize that the best way to start your journey to becoming a mountaineer might be right in your own backyard, or,...

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