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Atlas Snowshoes New Wrap Helix Bindings

Atlas is releasing their new BOA powered bindings on a few of their top-line snowshoes this year. What makes the Wrap Helix great is that it builds on their already revolutionary Wrap Lux design with EVA padding for a more uniform compression around the toe of the shoe. The Wrap design also features men's and women's specific versions for the optimal fit. 

Dealing with equipment in cold weather is already tricky enough, so the idea is to make it as user-friendly and straightforward as possible. By adding a BOA retention system, these bindings are even simpler to secure by merely twisting a knob to the desired tension. So no more pulling on straps or trying to fidget with buckles while wearing gloves. The BOA system is used on a wide range of winter footwear for its ease of use with gloves and reliability in cold temperatures.