ColdPruf Performance Base Layer Pant - Men's

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This is a perfect base layer bottom to compliment your ColdPruf Performance base layer top. The material of this Performance baselayer pant works at the molecular level to wick moisture and insulate at the same time. The single layer design with ColdPruf Technical Fiber performance polyester has an ergonomic men's cut with tagless printing and flat seams for a perfect next-to-skin fit that feels as natural as your own skin. On longer expeditions the antimicrobial properties of the Performance baselayer pant allow you to reuse a single set multiple days in a row without overwhelming odor. This Performance Base Layer men's pant varies from the Extreme Performance base layer men's pant by using just a single layer of material so it will breathe better under high endurance mountain sports in cold to very cold conditions when extreme insulation isn't necessary.

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