Vaude Prokyon 30-Liter Men’s Mountaineering Backpack

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For longer hikes and light mountaineering, we bring you the Prokyon 30-liter pack. This sleek, lightweight backpack has ample room for an overnight hike or mountaineering that requires extra gear. The Prokyon men’s pack is anatomically designed with wider shoulder straps and a long torso for an ergonomic fit that enhances balance and agility. Additionally, Vaude’s VentActive back with an internal EMP panel keeps the pack snug against your body while simultaneously distributing weight and preventing gear from jabbing you in the back. With a dedicated place for everything including keys, documents, maps and more, you’ll spend less time shuffling through your pack looking for small items, while a gear loop on the belt helps you keep carabiners, quickdraws, slings and more organized and accessible. Whenever you buy a Vaude pack, you can be assured it meets the highest environmental and social standards. This means they include recycled materials and environmentally friendly fabric treatments, and that everyone involved in the production process has good working conditions and competitive wages.