Fox River Wick Dry Outlander Sock

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Product Overview

Putting on a pair of extra thick socks on a cold day is a great idea until your feet overheat. Then those heavy socks are just soggy and uncomfortable. The Fox River Outlander is a heavyweight sock made of materials that prevent the soggy sock syndrome. A well-planned combination of worsted wool and acrylic has fabric against the skin that repels water away and an outer layer that attracts water to pull all the moisture to the outside where it can quickly evaporate. The wool added to the Outlander not only adds warmth to the sock but also brings natural antimicrobial properties that won’t wash out, and since worsted wool is more durable than standard wool, these socks will hold up to any abuse your feet throw at them. A form fitting cut and smooth flat toe seams combined with ultra-soft materials ensure luxurious comfort in the backcountry.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review