Fox River Wick Dry Triathlon Quarter Crew Sock

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Product Overview

The Triathlon sock is made for multisport training. Whether it be running, cycling, hiking, or any other active sport, you'll appreciate what these socks have to offer. Being made from CoolMax yarn combined with Fox River’s Wick Dry technology, these socks are masters at keeping your feet dry. They also dry quickly, so you’re covered in the case of an accidental foot dunk in the stream or a quick trailside wash-up. Using the same memory knit construction that Fox River is famous for combined with a contoured ribbed top and strategically placed spandex compression zones, the Triathlon sock will hold its shape and stay in place even after hours or days of heavy use. Because we know how rough your sports will be to the bottom of your feet, the Triathlon sock is also equipped with a reinforced padded underfoot to give you the support and comfort you need to tackle your next challenge.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review