New England Ropes Maxim Glider 10.5mm 60m 2XD TPT Climbing Rope

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Product Overview

The Maxim Glider is a one-of-a-kind climbing rope that slides like butter through protection without feeling soft and mushy and with minimal kinking. The TPT (Twill Pattern Technology) sheath has less friction than other designs. The 10.5mm Glider is one of the most versatile ropes available from sport to alpine climbing and just about everything in between. The 2XD (Double Dry) treatment makes this rope particularly useful in alpine climbing where the rope may spend a lot of time laying on snowy or wet surfaces. Both the cover and core of the Glider rope is coated in an Endura Dry treatment, giving it the ultimate protection against moisture in an environment where the weather can do whatever it wants.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review