Alpine Extreme is an outdoor recreation equipment eCommerce retail company. All jobs at Alpine Extreme are focused around the internet. So, there is very little in-person interaction with our customers. However, we still want our customers to receive the same level of service they would expect from an in-person purchase. As an employee of Alpine Extreme, you'll need to share the same deep appreciation for the power and potential of the internet as our owner and founder Alan Perryman. If you’re easily frustrated by computers to the point of pulling your hair out, then Alpine Extreme may not be the best fit for you.

Common positions at Alpine Extreme are online customer support gear experts to help customers via phone, email, and live chat; digital marketing experts who are proficient with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, html, CSS, and digital ad campaigns; warehouse and shipping that requires knowledge of domestic and international shipping laws and regulations, and inventory control; accountants with experience in eCommerce bookkeeping. Most important of all, we love to hire avid outdoor enthusiasts! There are no positions at Alpine Exteeme that do not require extensive knowledge of outdoor sports and gear.

We don't currently have any positions open but you're welcome to send us your resume any time and we'll keep it on file in case something comes available. Make sure you let us know what type of position you're interested in. You know yourself and your abilities much better than we do so make sure you apply for one position that you feel best meets your qualifications. Be sure to tell us about yourself and why you want to work at Alpine Extreme as opposed to any other company.