Polartec Classic Fabric

Polartec Classic is the original fleece fabric. This fabric is available is a range of weights designed specifically for different outdoor sports. Polartec Classic 100 is the lightest weigh fleece and makes a great light sweater or a base layer. Polartec Classic 200 is a mid-weight fleece providing the most versatility of uses. Polartec Classic 300 is a heavy weight fleece designed for extreme cold conditions like skiing and mountaineering.

Polartec Classic fabrics work by layering 2 fabrics with air pockets back to back with a thin Polyester layer in-between to trap and retain body heat. Unlike other fleece fabrics, Polartec Classic maintains its insulating ability and non-pilling appearance after repeated washing.

What you get is a highly insulating, lightweight fabric that’s durable, quick drying, and machine washable.