Polartec Power Stretch Pro

What is Polartec Power Stretch Pro?

Polartec Power Stretch Pro has a 4 way stretch allowing the fabric to mold precisely to the contours of your body. This fabric is also highly breathable and efficiently wicks moisture away from your skin keeping you warm and dry. The Proprietary construction consists of two layers; a durable nylon outer layer that provides a shield against wind and abrasion, and a soft inner polyester layer that pulls moisture away from your skin keeping you warm and dry. Polartec Power Stretch Pro is engineered to meet the demands of a low bulk next-to-skin base layer.

What’s it do that the others don’t?

Polartec Power Stretch Provides an efficient moisture management system through 3 steps. First, the fabric is highly breathable allowing perspiration to escape as opposed to building up underneath like other fabrics would. Second, the inner surface has lots and lots of little surfaces that wick moisture away from your skin and pull it outside of the fabric keeping your skin and the fabric dry. Third, once the moisture reaches the nylon outer layer it spreads out rapidly allowing it to dry at least twice as fast as cotton.

How does it meet the demands of the mountain?

Mountaineering is a demanding sport that requires the most durable equipment and material. Polartec Power Stretch Pro is made of durable technical bi-component construction with durable nylon on the outer for durability and a soft comfortable polyester on the inside for next to skin moisture management. Polartec Power Stretch Pro was engineered for high end performance to handle the needs of the most demanding mountaineers.