Porelle Glove Inserts

Insert Technology in gloves

An insert is used in the construction of a waterproof glove, sandwiched between the outer layer and the lining. Inserts are vital to the performance of the glove, providing added levels of protection against the weather elements thus ensuring that the user’s hands remain dry, warm and comfortable.


However, many inserts used in gloves are constructed with solid barriers that often have low levels of breathability. For the user this means that moisture can build-up in the glove due to sweat that cannot escape. When the user is active this can result in the hands becoming clammy and, as they cool down, feeling cold and wet. Over time the glove can also begin to develop an odor that can impart to the user’s hands after they have been worn. This is due the presence of bacteria that eats sweat and excretes waste that produces a strong odor.

Porelle inserts are extremely waterproof, windproof and highly breathable. The breathability ensures that sweat can escape and does not remain traped in the glove. Wind, rain or snow Porelle inserts offer the optimum in glove comfort performance.

Porelle inserts are soft and flexible so they are quiet in use. They can be fitted into a glove with ease and do not limit the tactility or dexterity of the glove design.