Red Ledge T-Core

Red Ledge T-Core

Guaranteed 100% Waterproof and breathable

T-Core High Performance:

T-Core Waterproof Breathable coating was developed using Japanese chemical components and technology. There is a significant increase in breathability by increasing the count of Micro-pores in the multiple layers of waterproof and breathable polyurethane.

How Does T-Core Work?

Since the size of a gaseous water vapor molecule is much smaller than the size of a liquid water molecule and the size of the micro-pores in the polyurethane membrane are half way in between, this allows vaporous perspiration, driven by body heat, to escape through the porous membrane to the outside. Conversely, water in the form of precipitation is prevented from entering through this.

Superior Water Repellency:

Due to a double application of water repellent agents, T-Core breaths almost as well under wet conditions as in dry conditions. Water repellency will continue to be at least 80% effective after 10 home launderings.