Thermolite is a synthetic insulating material commonly used in a wide range of outdoor apparel from casual sportswear to clothing that provides protection in extreme winter conditions. There are several types of Thermolite that simulate natural insulators like down and wool and offer various different benefits depending on the intended use.

Thermolite can be broken down into 5 different types; Thermolite Extreme, Thermolite Extra, Thermolite Micro, Thermolite Plus, and Thermolite Active. Thermolite Extreme provides both exceptional warmth and durability so it’s great in work wear. Thermolite Extra is a simulated down material that offers plush warmth and softness. Thermolite Micro insulates equally well wet or dry so it’s ideal for non waterproof apparel, Thermolite Plus is the warmest type of Thermolite when wet so it is also ideal for non waterproof apparel. Thermolite Active is designed for high energy pursuits, providing warmth and moisture wicking and minimal thickness. Thermolite Base is a low density insulator with the ability to wick moisture away from the skin making it perfect for base layers. It is also quick drying and has been proven to provide more warmth at the same thickness than competing fabrics even when wet.