What is OutDry?

What is OutDry?

OutDry is an Italian developed waterproof, breathable laminate membrane fused to the shell of the garment that eliminates the need for seam sealing.

How is the garment waterproofed with OutDry?

Two sheets of OutDry are placed together and cut precisely for the garment they will be fused with. The two sheets are fused together on the edge creating the outline of the garment to be fitted. OutDry is extremely flexible so it is able to form precisely to the unique contours of the garment thus making the garment and the OutDry like a single piece of flexible, waterproof, breathable fabric. The OutDry layer is placed inside the garment and fused to the garment shell under high temperature and pressure for and exact fit.

Why OutDry?

Traditional waterproof laminates are cut in several pieces and attached to the individual parts of the garment before construction. When the garment is assembled the seams are left vulnerable to water penetration so the seams are taped to block water from entering. The problem with this is that the tape ads weight and bulk to the garment while also interfering with the garment's dexterity. Seam tape is also just glued to the garment and tends to come lose after extensive use. Wrinkles in the tape can also provide space for water to stagnate and add weight to the garment. All of this seam tape trouble is avoided with OutDry because of its one piece construction and you won’t have to worry about it coming lose because it’s fused with the shell and made into a single piece of waterproof breathable fabric. 

The Other traditional method of waterproofing garments such as shoes and gloves is a waterproof insert that sits lose between the shell and the liner. This allows water to soak through the shell and stagnate on top of the insert. This can add a substantial amount of weight to the garment and interfere with the breathability of the garment. This layer of water between the shell and the insert is also a terrible insulator so it will pull heat away from your skin. Since OutDry is a single piece of fabric seamlessly fused with the garment's shell there is no space for water to stagnate, water is blocked before ever getting a chance to enter and what you're left with is a layer of warm air between your hand and the shell.