What is Polartec Power Shield

Polartec Power Shield is a softshell fabric that attempts to eliminate the need for separate shell and fleece jackets. Combining the shell and insulation into one unit not only reduces weight but also enhances breathability by eliminating the dead space between layers.

This fabric consists of two elements, a tightly woven smooth outer surface to prevent snagging that provides a more flexible and quiet movement than traditional hard shells; and a polyester velour fleece backing that provides a maximum warmth to weight ratio. Polartec Power Stretch is completed with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish to protect against wind, light rain, hail, and snow.

Garments made with Polartec Power Shield can block 98% of the wind and repel water while remaining highly breathable, warm and tough without the stiff noisy movement of hard shells giving them the ability to handle the demands of skiing, snowboarding, climbing, and mountaineering.