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Its late, it’s getting dark, and you’re in a hurry to get back before nightfall when you trip and break a leg. Even worse, you’re by yourself and there is no one to send for help. Typically, you would have to wait at least 24 hours before anyone would even start looking for you. This is a bad situation no matter how you look at it, but it could be made a lot better if you happened to bring along your ACR ResQLink 406 GPS personal locator beacon. The ResQLink uses two separate systems to lock in your location; one is calculated via Doppler shift between you and the LEOSAR satellites and the other gathers coordinates from the GPS satellite system. Once your location is locked into your ResQLink, it's added to the 5 Watt 406MHz signal that can blast through slot canyons, thick forest cover, and the gnarliest thunderstorms anywhere in the world and is sent to search and rescue in as little as 3 minutes (beats the usual 24 hour waiting time). Once search and rescue is close by, they can pinpoint your location quickly with the ResQLink's separate 121.5MHz homing signal and a super bright LED strobe light. The SARLink also lets you perform hundreds of satellite detectible self-tests of the unit's internal circuitry and battery voltage power, 406MH transition, and GPS accuracy so you can be sure the unit is working correctly before you head out. Even in extreme cold -4F temperatures, the ResQLink’s battery will continue working for 30 hours; a total of 6 hours longer than the required minimum. The ResQLink's slim design makes it the smallest PLB on the market and fits comfortably in your pocket. With no subscription fees, this thing will pay for itself again and again.