Black Diamond Trail Trekking Pole 2.0

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Too many trekking poles out there to choose from and can't decide on one that fits your needs? Then go for the Black Diamond Trail Trekking Pole. These poles sit in a perfect balance of quality, features, and price. From top down, you’ve got ergonomically molded dual density foam grips with wide padded wrist straps that accommodate skinny bare hands just as well as bulky winter gloves. These grips are accompanied by an extended foam grip section that gives you more flexibility to hold your poles in a way that best suits the current terrain. The three-section aluminum shaft is incredibly light weight and packs down to about two feet tall so you can get it out of the way when you don't need it. Each section is held together with Black Diamond's FlickLock adjustment system, much better than the twist-and-adjust system found on other poles. The FlickLocks are easy to open and close for adjustment even with cold fingers and gloves and they'll never slip on you, even under heavy loads. Moving to the bottom of the poles, you get interchangeable carbide Tech Tips. These tips are made of a very hard metal that gets a solid grip on any surface and holds up to years of use. If you get the tip snagged in a crack, they'll break away to save the shaft. Black diamond includes two sets of baskets for four season use. You get a low-profile basket for summer and fall that won’t hang up on every fallen branch and bolder along the way, and a wide powder basket for winter and early spring so your poles can glide along with you on top of the snow.