Klymit Inertia X-Frame Sleeping Pad

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This is the world’s lightest and most compact sleeping pad, but instead of removing features and limiting comfort, the X-Frame adds features and technology to make it more comfortable than your average heavy, bulky pad. What Klymit did is remove material from areas where you don’t need it, like below the neck, mid back, behind the knees and below your shins, where your body makes minimal or no contact with the ground in a normal sleeping position. That’s how they got the size and weight down, but where they removed material they added technology. The empty spaces in this pad give your sleeping bag room to loft up from below so the warmth factor of the X-Frame is really related to the warmth rating of your sleeping bag. This means if you use the correct seasonal sleeping bag then you won’t freeze when it’s cold or overheat when it’s hot. The Klymit is designed to fit inside most sleeping bags so you’re sleeping directly on the pad and won’t roll off it in the middle of the night. But, because of the skeleton design, this pad is flexible in all directions so you won’t feel like you’re pinned to a board if you place it inside your bag.