Primus Omni Fuel Stove

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If you're the type that pushes the limits and each time going you push yourself closer to the extreme limits of the earth, then you need a stove that has no limits to keep up. The Primus Omni Fuel is the most robust, versatile stove in the Primus line. This thing has been tested over many years in the most extreme places on earth. From the scorching vastness of the hottest deserts to 8,000+ meter peaks and polar tundra, this stove kicks ass and keeps on burning. When traveling to exotic places you can’t be fussy about the fuel you use and neither is the Omni fuel. This thing gulps up nearly any kind of fuel including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and jet fuel. With 10,500 BTUs of output, you can boil a liter of water in two minutes, putting all the other 3+ minute stoves to shame.