S4 ALRT Snow Goggle

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The ALRT snow goggle from S4 offers a tight-knit package of performance and features into a goggle that you'll actually want to wear. Each ALRT goggle comes with an extra clear lens in addition to the standard tinted lens that interchanges effortlessly with the frame’s advanced lens replacement technology, making it an ideal choice for those days with constantly changing light conditions. If you’re going to stick around the slopes late for some night skiing, just pop in the clear lens and you’re good to go without needing an extra pair of goggles. Both lenses are treated with S4's proprietary Optical Armor to keep the lenses scratch-free no matter how brutal you get with them. Three layers of high-density neofoam keep the ALRT goggle snugly fit against any face shape or size for leak free performance and comfort while an exclusive anti-fogging ventilation system keeps the view clear all day.