Singing Rock Beginner’s Climbing Starter Kit

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This beginner climbing kit has everything you need to get started climbing at the local gym or at the crag with your friends. The kit includes the beginner-friendly Versa II harness with its bright red belay loop to help with proper alignment and rope tie-in, and a fixed bridge between the leg loop to add more security in the case of improper tie-in. The kit’s belay system includes a beginner-proof Bora GP HMS locking carabiner to eliminate the risk of cross-loading, and the popular Buddy belay that helps the user learn best practices of belaying (as opposed to mechanical autolocking belay devices). You won’t realize how important chalk is until you try climbing for the first time, but don’t worry—this kit has you covered with Singing Rock’s large chalk bag and Magnum gym-approved chalk ball with 35 grams of high-grade natural chalk to keep your hands dry and tacky on those first sketchy routes.